Urbanization beyond Municipalities

Somik Lall

joint with Tara Vishwanath, Nancy Lozano, Siddharth Sharma and Hyoung Wang

A seminar in the Frame of the CPR-CSH Urban Workshop Series

3:45 pm Tuesday, 26 July, 2011

Conference Hall, Centre for Policy Research, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
This presentation will report on spatial and economic patterns related to India’s
urbanization and highlight challenges for managing key economic efficiency and spatial
equity tradeoffs. Economic liberalization in the 1990s has encouraged clustering of
businesses in the seven largest metropolitan areas – with considerable spillovers beyond
municipal cores of the largest cities into their immediate hinterland – including smaller
cities and even rural areas. However, with over 75 percent of the country’s urban
population and 95 percent rural population living beyond these metropolitan areas, it
becomes important to identify options for enhancing living conditions in places that
have not yet been picked by market forces while not undermining efficiency of India’s
metropolitan engines. This work is part of a series of prototypes being piloted under the
Urbanization Reviews, which seek to build a body of knowledge on urbanization
challenges and public policy implications in a variety of country settings.
Somik V. Lall is Senior Economic Counselor to the National Transport Policy
Development Committee and is currently on external service from the World Bank.
Somik has been a core team member of the World Development Report 2009:
Reshaping Economic Geography and has been leading the World Bank’s analytic work
on the Urbanization Reviews, designed to identify policy priorities at different stages of
urbanization. Somik’s policy advisory and analytic work has spanned a range of
countries including Brazil, Russia India, China and South Africa, focusing on
identifying priorities for public investment across places and sectors. His research has
been published in leading academic and policy journals. Somik holds a B.S. in
Engineering, Masters in City and Regional Planning, and a Ph.D. in Public Policy.